Photoluminescent Exit Signs - Great Investment Tips For Commercial Properties

Photoluminescent exit signs play a vital role in commercial properties. They mark emergency exits, showing people where to go in dire situations. If you want to buy some new exit signs for your property, go through the following guide first.

Choose Aluminum For the Material 

When you look at photoluminescent exit signs on the market, you'll realize there are quite a few material options. However, one of the best is aluminum. 

It's super durable and should hold up just fine around your commercial building. Aluminum is also one of the lighter metal options, so you won't struggle to set up an exit sign made from aluminum and keep it secure around any location on your property. 

Make Sure Illumination is Reliable 

The most important part of a photoluminescent exit sign is its illumination. Make sure it's always reliable so that if there's an emergency around your commercial property, you can rest assured that people inside can easily see the exit signs on either end of your building.

For instance, if you get a battery-powered exit sign, ensure there's a backup battery in case the power goes out. An extra battery guarantees the exit signs always light up regardless of what happens around your commercial building. 

Verify Compliance 

Something to consider early on with photoluminescent exit signs is the fact that there are regulations in place dictating how they should be designed and developed for safety reasons. Comply with these regulations to avoid costly fines.

Building codes vary from state to state, but generally, with exit signs, you can expect rules that dictate readability, size, mounting, and location. Check them all out before purchasing your exit sign so you have no regrets later as your building gets inspected. 

Look For Adhesive Backings

If you're looking for a straightforward and quick setup after investing in photoluminescent exit signs, consider signs with adhesive backings. The back part is super sticky to keep the exit signs in place, presumably forever. 

A significant advantage of adhesive backings is less worry about mounting. You don't have to drill into your commercial property's walls to set up emergency exit signs, saving you time and manual labor. 

You can improve your commercial property's safety thanks to photoluminescent exit signs. There are many varieties on the market, but if you stick to the most essential features, you can be happy with how these signs look and perform after installation.