Everything You Need To Know About School Signs

Like custom digital signs for businesses, school signs come in different styles and designs to convey different messages and warnings. Here are things you need to know about school signs and how to repair and maintain them.

Types of School Signs

There are different types of school signs, each conveying a different message. The custom ones include parking, drug-free zones, school traffic, speed limit, student crossing, and school policy signs. However, newly emerging situations like pandemics also lead to the addition of several signs, such as face masks, social distancing, and temperature checks. Every school is required to have these signs scattered across the premises and should be visible for every student and faculty member to see.

How to Choose the Right School Sign

 Shopping around for a suitable school sign might sound easy but could get complicated if you don't have the correct information. Although conventional signs such as printed plates are standard, charter school sign manufacturers are moving towards digital signs, which are easy to alter and manage. They're also easily customizable to fit the school's theme. The signs' background colors are also crucial as they help draw attention, making it hard for anyone to miss them. Yellow, red, and orange are standard colors found on school signs. Green is also better, but it's often used to indicate parking spots and other non-crucial messages.

How to Handle Digital Sign Maintenance

Although digital signs are very effective, they're also vulnerable to damage, especially when left unattended. Digital sign repair can be costly if the damage is extensive, and this task requires specialized skills. Regular maintenance, such as changing the bulbs and replacing the fuse when they blow, could significantly improve the digital signs' lifespan. Cleaning and wiping help remove dirt accumulation, which might impact how the signs function. 

A clear notice discouraging people from interfering or touching the signs is crucial as it helps to reduce the chances of damage. Checking for software updates will also help keep the digital sign in prime condition and add more security. 

How Often Should you Carry out Maintenance?

Digital sign maintenance should be done as often as possible, including updating the messages and thorough cleaning. It's always best to schedule when best days to carry out sign-wide maintenance with the maintenance crew. 


Digital signages have proven very effective since they can be customized and updated without needing to replace the entire sign. Contact a digital sign manufacturer today if you need help with charter school signs. These will serve you effectively for a considerable duration proving their value for money.

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