Why Should You Retrofit Your Sign Lighting?

Your sign is the face of your business, and as you already know, first impressions matter. The sign on your front door is the first thing clients see as they enter your business premises. So, before you retrofit your sign lighting to a more visible and eco-friendly option, it's best to understand what it is and the benefits you'll gain from it.

What Does Retrofit Mean? 

Retrofitting means changing the old and replacing it with something new. In this case, replacing outdated light fixtures, such as halogen bulbs with energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable options like LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. Shifting to LEDs makes your signage look brighter on the outside by using economical and inexpensive lights on the inside.

Benefits of Retrofitting Signage With LED Lights

Retrofitting your sign lighting has many cost benefits. It's also a great way to add to your storefront's curb appeal. Below are some of the reasons to retrofit your signage with LED lights:

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

LED lighting for commercial signs is the most energy-efficient option for businesses. First, LEDs bulbs last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs. For example, products with an Energy Star rating last up to 25 times longer while using at least 75% less energy than the traditional fluorescent bulbs. If you light up your signage in the evenings, your LED bulbs last longer and consume less energy, thus saving you money in the long run.

2. Less Maintenance

The cost of maintaining alternative lighting solutions like fluorescent bulbs is high, as they often need replacement due to their shorter life span compared to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are easy to maintain. Once in a while, inspect and dust the bulbs to prevent component failure, thus improving their efficiency and longevity. That's all it takes.

3. Brighter and More Exposure

Retrofitted signage guarantees consistently bright illumination. Sign lighting retrofitted with LED lights is functional even in winter conditions as it does not need warm-up time to achieve full brightness. Thus, it creates an aesthetic appeal that is easy to read from a distance. LED lights also offer more control. You can opt for signage with light control if you want to be able to dim and brighten your signs to achieve a certain effect.


Retrofitting your signage lighting with LEDs is worth it. LED bulbs make your sign lighting more noticeable and brighter while reducing your energy costs. Make the change today and start reaping the benefits of retrofitted signage. Make the transition to retrofitted signage easier by calling a signage professional to guide you through retrofitting options that suit your sign lighting.

For more information, contact a sign lighting company, such as Cardinal Sign Corporation