Keys To Buying Photoluminescent Exit Signs For Commercial Buildings

If you have a commercial building, it's important to set up photoluminescent exit signs where there are exit doors. Then they'll be much easier to identify should there ever be an emergency situation like a fire. Using these tips, buying these exit signs will remain stress-free.

Verify Compliancy

You need to make sure this photoluminescent exit sign complies with the right emergency standards for commercial buildings in your area. Then you won't be penalized or left in a dangerous spot when there is a real emergency and exit doors subsequently have to be used by people inside.

What you can do is look up your specific area's coding criteria for exit signs. It might state that these exit signs have to be made from specific materials or be visible from a certain distance away. Just find out what these regulations are and then make sure your exit signs have accommodating features/designs.

Make Sure Pre-Drilled Holes are Provided for Easy Mounting

You're going to have to mount these photoluminescent exit signs above every exit door in your building. You can make sure this task is easy to carry out when you verify these exit signs come with pre-drilled holes around the corners. That saves you additional work.

When these exist signs arrive, you can simply drill screws through the holes to get these signs mounted above exit doors. It shouldn't take you more than a couple of seconds, regardless of how big or small these exit signs are. 

Assess Brightness Levels in Person

One of the most important attributes of these exit signs is their illumination design. It's what makes these signs clearly stand out regardless of the environment they're surrounded by. So that you can make sure this aspect is high-quality and readable, you should look at photoluminescent exit signs in person. Then you won't have to question the brightness levels that are provided. You'll be able to look at this spec for yourself and view multiple exit sign types. Then you can make your selection based on the sign that illuminated the brightest.

To keep your commercial building safe during emergency situations, photoluminescent exit signs have to be set up around all exit doors. Then people will clearly see where they need to exit during emergencies. If you find quality photoluminescent exit signs that are designed properly, you'll never have to question how these signs are going to work and hold up. 

For more information about photoluminescent exit signs, contact a local dealer.