5 Reasons To Use Vinyl Banners For Temporary Signage

Whether you need a temporary sign to announce a grand opening, a sale, or a special event, vinyl banners may be the best solution. The ideal temporary sign is attractive yet it doesn't require a huge upfront investment. Vinyl banners deliver these benefits and more, as the following illustrates.

1. Custom Options

Vinyl banners are completely customizable, from the size and shape to what is printed on them. You aren't limited to words, you can have images -- including logo graphics and photographs -- printed right onto the banner. Being able to customize the shape and size also ensures that the banner will fit the space or stand that you have available for display. 

2. Weather Durability

If you plan to put your banner outside, such as hanging it directly on the building or from your main sign, then you'll be happy to hear that vinyl is one of the most weather durable temporary sign options available. Not only is it waterproof, but modern vinyl signs are also made to withstand wind. Your signs will have reinforced corners so they won't tear at stress points. It will also be equipped with nearly invisible wind vents, if you need them, that prevent the sign from becoming tattered in high winds.

3. Versatile Hang Options

A standard vinyl sign has reinforced grommets for hanging, which is usually done with durable cords. You can also get banners equipped with suction cups for hanging on windows. Some banners are made to hang indoors like tapestries, so they have weighted bars thread to the bottom so they hang flat. You can also purchase special banner stands or display stakes if you don't have somewhere to tie the banner up. 

4. Simple Maintenance

Your banner won't require much maintenance. If you will only be using it once, then simply rinsing it off or dusting it as needed is sufficient. For long-term or repeated use, the banner should be sponged down periodically to prevent dirt build-up. For those banners that are stored between uses, make sure it is dry before rolling it up. Don't fold, as this can cause crease damage. You should also put fabric or paper over the front of the banner so the graphics don't stick together during storage.

5. Cost-Effective

The biggest benefit of vinyl banners is they are cost-effective. They are one of the least expensive of the reusable sign options. Further, they can save you money over time if you plan to reuse the banner annually, such as for holiday or seasonal events. 

Contact a sign company to learn more about your vinyl banner options.