3 Reasons to Splurge on Architectural Signs

Signage plays an important role in helping businesses become more visible within the consumer market. There are many types of signage to choose from when it comes to branding the exterior of your commercial building. Architectural signs are among the most elite forms of signage in use today.

Some business owners shy away from architectural signs because of the up-front costs associated with this type of signage. The investment you make in architectural signs today will end up paying off well into the future.

1. Improved Aesthetic

The exterior appearance of your commercial building is the first thing that potential customers notice. You want to put your best foot forward to ensure that this first impression is a positive one. Architectural signs can easily improve the aesthetic of your commercial space. They're constructed in a way that produces a seamless sign. All joints are fully welded, and only the highest quality vinyl is used to cover the frame of an architectural sign. These design features come together to create an attractive and eye-catching sign.

2. Enhanced Durability

The careful attention to detail displayed during the manufacturing of architectural signs does more than just make these signs look good. Fully-welded joints and a seamless design can also contribute to the durability of your exterior sign over time.

Seams, panels that don't line up properly, and the use of cheap fasteners can make a sign susceptible to damage. Water can easily infiltrate many commercial signs. This moisture can cause the frame to corrode and can cause permanent damage to any lighting contained within the sign itself.

Since architectural signs feature superior construction, no water can infiltrate these signs to wreak havoc on internal components. Your architectural signs will continue to look good well into the future.

3. Lighting Versatility

Signage should not only be visible during the day but during the night hours as well. A lit sign provides maximum exposure for your company. Architectural signs offer a few different options when it comes to illumination. You can choose to incorporate internal lighting in your architectural signs. Internal lighting elements are built into the frame of the sign before a vinyl cover is stretched across the frame. This allows the sign to glow from within. Backlit architectural signs feature lighting elements that are installed behind the frame. This design gives an architectural sign the illusion of bursting out of the light source.

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