Using Custom Signs To Attract Prospective Clients

As a small business owner, you know the importance of not only trying to keep existing customers but also reaching out to attract new ones. One way to entice potential customers to stop by your establishment is with the use of custom signs. Here are tips to use with signs to maximize their exposure.

Use Contrasting Colors To Turn Heads

Signs that use too many colors often appear busy and confusing to those who view them. This can cause people to avoid reading the information on them. Instead of hanging signs with several hues, stick with two or three colors instead. If you are presenting text that is being read, make sure the wording is in a contrasting color from the background of your signs. This increases the readability, ensuring that the message you want to be conveyed is received without difficulty.

Text Size, Style, And Amount Make A Difference

The signs you place in windows, in front of your establishment, or around town need to get your point across without excess information. People tend to glaze over signs with too much information placed upon them. Use large fonts for key points you want to feature. Avoid using scrolled or cursive fonts as they can be difficult for everyone to read. Instead, opt for a large, bold font to draw attention to the exact information necessary to bring people into your building.

Consider The Weather When Choosing

When placing signs around your establishment, it is important to remember that inclement weather has an impact on how long they last. Vinyl signs and banners work well as they withstand moisture and wind. Laminated signs protect paper against fading and moisture. Inflatable signs can work in fair weather conditions, but need to be brought inside when conditions become dicey. 

Decide Upon The Right Placement

The areas where you post signs also make a difference in how many people see them. For example, if your business is in a location where vehicular traffic passes by, a sign on top of your building draws attention. If your business is in a small community where foot traffic is abundant, signs at eye-level are best. You can even use signs in windows to hide the wares you are holding inside. This adds a bit of mystery and may entice customers to open the door and browse. A light-up sign right in front of the business is helpful to gain additional customers. 

Contact a custom sign service for more information.