Why You Should Get Your Sign Lights Retrofitted With LED Lighting

Do you have a light in front of your store or business that illuminates at night? Having a sign light can help call additional attention to your business from people passing by in their cars or on foot. But if you are still using sign lights that were installed many years ago, chances are you do not currently have the optimal set up for your sign. Here's why you might want to contact a sign light retrofitting company to install LED lights today.

Save Money Every Night

If your signs still have LCD or another type of lighting from years ago, chances are good that a switch to LED lighting will seriously reduce your energy usage every night. LED lights simply don't use as much power to illuminate as other lighting types. This means you'll be using less energy every night you turn the sign on, and over time, this will eventually lead to significant savings for your company. You'll eventually make the money you spent on the retrofitting back, and then you can start using the extra funds to reinvest in another part of your business.

Lower Your Company's Environmental Footprint

Is your company trying to go green? If you want to lower your environmental footprint, switching to LED lights is a great start. You might not think one little bulb will make a difference, but if there are multiple bulbs throughout the sign, the energy savings start to add up. If you truly want to lower your environmental footprint across the board, you shouldn't just stop at using a more efficient HVAC system or improving your insulation. Every light in your signs and through the rest of your building is a potential opportunity to use less energy.

Improve Your Sign Without Buying a New One

If you have your own store, you probably have your own logo and your sign likely reflects that as well as your company's preferred colors. If you also have lighting embedded into the sign, you might be hesitant to make any changes to the lighting if it would mean that you would need to get an entirely new sign built. Custom signs like yours obviously cost a premium. A sign lighting retrofit job can work around all of this though. A retrofitting professional will be able to swap out your lights without causing any damage or other significant adjustments to the rest of your sign.

For more information, reach out to a local sign light retrofitting service.