Tips for Using Printed Signs in Your Store for Events and Sales

Quality signs with professional printing are usually affordable enough that you can have them made for special sales and events at your store. Signs keep your customers informed and draw attention to items you want to clear from your inventory. Signs can even convey important information about your policies, so signs do much more than just point the way or mark your store. Here are some tips for using printed signs in your store.

Choose Durable Materials

Talk to the sign printing company about the best sign material for your needs. For example, if you need an outdoor sign, then you'll want a material that can tolerate rain and UV exposure. Vinyl and fabric are excellent choices since they come in bright colors and show text and graphics well. Plus, the signs can roll up and take very little room in storage. This allows you to use sale signs over and over to get the most value for your money.

Focus On The Text

Branding signs with your logo and store colors is important, but readability is essential. This usually requires that the text be a darker color than the background. The text on your signs should be easy to read from a distance, and that requires the right color combination, font size, and font style. A sign printing company has the experience to know the ideal color and text combinations for the type of sign you're buying. So while you could design your own signs, you'll want to get advice from the sign printing company too so customers can read the signs easily.

Use Quality Graphics

Plain text is suitable for some types of signs, but signs designed to catch the eye and lure shoppers may do better with bright colors and pretty graphics. Signs can be printed with impressive color and detail so food looks enticing and delicious rather than off-color and bland. You may want graphics of food, flowers, or other colorful items on your sign to make your store seem welcoming and homey for your shoppers. The sign company can help you choose graphics that will print clearly and portray your goods in the best way possible.

Think About Installation

When you buy signs printed on fabric or vinyl, they're usually light enough for you to put up by yourself. You can hang banners from grommets, but you can also use signs, such as feather flags, that you push into the ground. Other signs are on x-stands that you can pick up and move around. Some signs come with an adhesive backing so they stick to the wall but can peel off without causing damage. You want your employees to be safe when changing signs, and with the right type of installation, your employees won't even have to climb on a ladder to take down or set up a new sign.