Increase Your Hot Dog/Boiled Peanut Customer Fan Base

If you are a hot dog and boiled peanut vendor, you probably have encountered times when it is difficult to attain clients, especially when your food cart is set up in an area that is slightly out of view from others. If moving your mobile business from place to place is the norm, one way to let people in on what you are selling is by ordering some feather flags that promote your edible wares.

Bring Your Feather Flags Wherever You Go

A feather flag is a lightweight advertising medium that is secured to a weighted pole. This type of product is made out of fabric that is wind and weather resistant, portable, and simple to set up and take down.

If you have been dealing with sloppy signage or unprofessional advertising tools that don't stand out, then think about how much more alluring your cart on wheels will look when feather flags are outlining your sales area and practically drawing people in by telling them exactly what you are selling and how much you are charging for each item.

If you are uncertain that people will spot your cart from a distance, neon-colored flags may do the trick. You can also create a line of signs that leads people from the side of the road to the area where your cart is. This can reduce anxiety that you may experience when you aren't located in the most visible of areas and no longer will you be tempted to move to a dangerous area that is congested with traffic in order to be seen. 

Choose Your Messages

What is it that you would like your potential customers to know? Do you use a 'secret' sauce that has been passed down for generations or are you a well renowned foodie who has the skills to create food on the sly while keeping your guests entertained with your stories?

Everyone has unique characteristics that sets them apart from others and now is your chance to cater to your target audience by coming up with some creative and factual messages that will allure newcomers. It is best to be clear and concise and each feather flag should contain a small amount of words so that the signage is easy to scan.

Just be sure to order enough feather flags so that you can cover all of the information that you would like to share with your audience. Include information about what you charge and any toppings or spices that you are offering to your clients so that they can enhance the flavor of their hot dogs and peanuts.

Each time that you set your cart up in a new area, unload your feather flags from the back of your vehicle and place each flag in a strategic area. That is it. The words on the flags will do the talking and you can sit back and wait for people to approach you. For more information, check into feather flags for sale from a local supplier.