3 Things To Know About Exit Signs

If you run a business that is accessible to the public, your building not only has to meet the needs of you and your customers, it also has to meet building code requirements. One of the requirements for buildings that are accessible to the public are well-labeled exits. How the exits have to be labeled depends upon the type of building and the exact rules and codes where you live.

Light Up Signs Lead the Way

When it comes to exit signs, building requirements aside, some of the best exit signs are those that light-up. Exit signs that light up are visible when it is dark. They are also visible in dangerous situations, such as when there is fire and smoke filling up a room. An illuminated exit sign can really light the way.

LED Exit Lights are Long-Lasting

There are multiple ways to light-up an exit sign. You can light up an exit sign using LED lights. LED lights are a popular light source because the light bulbs can literally last for years without needing to be changed.

LED light bulbs are also energy efficient, so they cost less than a standard light which is great for an exit sign that needs to be lit up at all times. The only big downside to LED lights is that they depend upon electricity. In an emergency where the electricity is cut, the exit sign would not illuminate until electricity was restored with a back-up generator. Even then, if something damaged the electrical wiring, the exit sign would not light-up.

Photoluminescent Signs Light the Way

Another popular way to light up an exit sign is with photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent technology uses an inert substance such as strontium oxide aluminate to absorb light energy. The inert substance is able to absorb nearby light energy, and from that absorbed light energy, product its own light.

With an exit light, a charging light is shone onto the exit light. This charging light is used to ensure that the photoluminescent material inside of the light is always charged up. Once a photoluminescent light is fully charged, even without a light source providing it with additional energy, it can last for hours. This is really helpful in an emergency situation. If the power were to go out, a photoluminescent exit sign would be able to light up the way even if there was not a backup generator in place.

As an owner of a business that is open to the public, you need to have exit signs that are illuminated and easy to stop. Photoluminescent exit signs are the best way to ensure that your exit signs are always lit up, no matter the situation at hand.