Promote Your Rare Coin Business

Are you an independent coin dealer who purchases and sells rare coins? If you run your business from your home and use a workshop to display coins that you have purchased or are currently wanting to sell, it is imperative that you let people know about your existence so that they are inclined to stop by and complete a business transaction. Hanging signs, holding meetings, and creating a webpage are tools that may help you succeed.

Hang Electric Signs That Contain Neon Bulbs

Electric signs that contain neon bulbs can be hung from the front of the workshop or a stable structure that is near the edge of your property. Call or stop by a company that employs people who make signs and request electric signs that contain lettering and numbers that identify your business name, phone number, and your company's hours of operation.

Request that the signs you have purchased are professionally installed. Make sure that the signs are visible from the road so that people who are driving by will be likely to read what is displayed on each one. Maintain your signs by wiping the bulbs off with a damp, soapy cloth if the bulbs are covered with a thin layer of dirt. Conserve energy by unplugging the signs when they are not being used. 

For more information about setting up or maintaining electric signs, contact a company like Central Signs

Prepare A Newletter That Announces Meetings

A newsletter that has information about monthly meetings may pique the interest of local coin collectors and sellers. Print several copies of the newsletter and mail one to each person who has done business with you in the past.

Hang the remaining newsletters up on bulletin boards inside of waiting rooms or entryways to businesses. Make sure that you have your phone number or email address printed on the newsletters so that people can contact you prior to the meetings if they have a specific question about a coin or need additional information about where your home business is located. 

Post Photos And Details About Coins

Take pictures of the outside of your workshop, the signs that are on your property, and some of the coins that you have on display. Create a website and post the photos on your page. Include information about the value of each coin that you are selling and how much you are selling them for. Add additional information about coins that you are interested in purchasing and how much money you are willing to invest.