3 Things You Need To Know about Digital Read Boards for Your School

If your school has some money to invest in fixing up your signs, you are going to want to invest in a digital sign. Digital signs allow a high degree of customization, so you can change the information on the sign to reflect current events and happenings at your school. Digital signs, such as LED signs, are a great way for you to keep the community informed about what is happening at your school. Here are three facts about outdoor digital signs.

#1 Digital Signs Require an Electrical Connection

When you install a digital sign, you need to do it somewhere where you can run an electrical line. Your digital sign is going to need to tap into your school's power source. Be sure to budget for extending the electrical lines if you want to put the sign somewhere that you don't currently have power.

There are some digital signs that run on solar power, with solar panels attached to the sign. This type of setup really only works if you live somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight and your sign is located somewhere where it will be hit with directly sunlight and will not always be hidden in the shade.

#2 Digital Signs Are Affordable

The next thing you need to realize is that digital signs are affordable. Oftentimes, you end up paying just as much for a digital sign as you do a traditional sign. The big advantage of a digital sign is that you can easily change the information on the reader board portion of the sign. For a school that wants to share dates when school is closed and special events are happening, a digital sign can offer you the flexibility that you need.

#3 Digital Signs Have Different Color Options

When you get a digital read board installed at your school, you have options when it comes to font colors. If your budget is small, you can have a monochrome sign installed. If there is a little more room in the budget, consider installing a fully colored sign as well. With a full color sign, you will be able to display pictures and images on your board, allowing you to convey visual information, not just text. You can also change up the written information on your board and even color code the information. Perhaps you use one color for school closings, another color for sports events, and a third color for academic events. 

If your school needs a new sign, go with a digital LED sign where you can customize the message. With a customizable sign, you are getting a way to communicate information to the community at large.

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