How To Protect Construction Workers From Falls

Falls are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry. A construction site tends to be busy. You have employees falling off overhead platforms, falling into holes in the walls and floors and off of elevated work stations. It is easy for injuries to occur when your worksite is unorganized and has scattered materials.

For these reasons, you have to install some type of fall system to protect your employees. Read on to find out how to protect construction workers from falls.

Post Signs

Posting safety signs are a way to remind workers and trespassers of hazardous conditions. They alert people to take precautionary measures. It may take constantly reminding people because they forget the dangers that occur on construction sites. You should have several signs posted on your site. These signs can prevent someone from suffering an injury.

Install Guardrails

A guardrail installation  is a system that prevents vehicles or people from straying into dangerous areas. It can be used for securing materials, wells, pits, rooftops, stairs and platforms. If you wanted to restrict an open walkway, then you can do this by installing a guardrail system.

Guardrails are required when a building has an accessible roof space, platforms, landings or steps. They are a requirement when a difference of 30 inches or greater are between the two surfaces.

Install A Scaffold

Installing a scaffold is another way to protect your construction workers. A scaffold is a temporary structure that can support the work crew and materials. It can be used with building repairs, maintenance, on bridges and any other man made structure.

Scaffolding is an option when you do not have a stable surface to work on. When a scaffold is installed correctly, it gives you a safe platform to perform a job.

Inspect Your Site Beforehand

You should inspect your worksite for hazards before starting a job. This inspection allows you to find any unusual dangers. You do not want to find the dangers when working on an actual project. If you find a problem, then you can correct it immediately. This inspection protects your employee's safety and health.

Work accidents occur all the time and some you cannot avoid. If someone gets hurt, then it should not be because you did not follow the necessary safety precautions. It helps to plan out your projects and make sure that your work site meets code. Contact a company, like Traffic Control Products Company of LA, Inc, for more help.