Closing Down Your Doors: How To Alert The Public

Going out of business after being in business for years is quite stressful. Yet, it was bound to happen, given the highs and lows of the economy through the years. Most stores barely break even if they can make it past the first decade. As you rush to sell off your inventory, you need to alert the public so that hopefully your entire inventory is liquidated before you lock up forever. Here is how you can effectively alert the public to the major sales you are having and to your going-out-of-business sale.

Vinyl Banners

Purchase and hang vinyl banners in all directions around the outside of your store. If your store is in a mall, hang them in your windows. If you have a stand-alone building outside, hang a banner on every side of the building where people driving by would see the banners. Make the print big, and make the colors loud enough to draw attention. 

Go on the Local News

Do a morning show and an evening show announcement for the news. You could pay the news a fee to run the story a couple of nights so that you reach enough potential and interested customers. These customers may tell other people who missed the news announcements, which also helps.

Do Not Forget Local Newspapers

In the "Life" section of every newspaper, there is always a "store closing" announcement page. Contact the journalist who does this page, and ask that your store is included in the next weekend edition. The journalist will thank you for the tip and include your store in the article/page free of charge. You could also pay to post an advertisement announcing your closing.

Offer Bonuses to Customers Who Buy Something 

Say you have a customer that wants a necklace and earrings. These pieces are sold separately, but the customer can only afford one or the other. Offer them a bonus discount on top of the current discount if this customer is able to send in one friend who makes a purchase.

Call it a referral bonus, and print up a few hundred cards the size of a business card to hand out. If the program is successful, you will be able to sell a lot of your inventory faster and be on time to close your doors on the projected close date. At the very least, you should be able to sell a few extra pieces this way.

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