Are You Establishing New Offices?

Are you the person who has been given the responsibility to establish the office spaces at your place of business? Of course, if you have unlimited space and an unlimited budget, you have the luxury of going pretty wild in the designing aspect of establishing office spaces. Wouldn't it be great if everybody where you work could have a private and spacious corner office that overlooked gorgeous scenery? In the real world, however, you are probably limited in your budget and with the amount of space that will be allocated to each worker. From ordering cubicle name plates to letting each worker personalize his or her own office space, here are some ideas that might help.

Cubicle Name Plates - Start with a list. Write down the name of each person who will be part of the office setting. When applicable, write down a title that goes with each name. For example, John Smith might be responsible for placing orders. In that case, you would order a cubicle name plate that had the name John Smith on the top and the title Order Placements on the bottom. If you have a very relaxed and fun office setting, you might even get away with something like John Smith and the words Head Honcho underneath the name. You get the picture. And, decide on what kind of design you want for your cubicle name plates. It might be as simple as white lettering on a black background or something a bit fancier, like script on a brass background. Office name plates can be ordered for desks, too. 

Personalizing Individual Spaces - It might be helpful and even essential for you to give some guidelines to the office workers. Put the guidelines in written form so there won't be any confusion. The key is more than likely to allow each worker to personalize his or her own area, but to keep things relatively professional and neat. For example, if you just write down something like Each cubicle can have space for a plant, then designate the size of the plant. Otherwise you might end up with one worker having a large floor plant while another one has an appropriate small desk plant. Consider how you can incorporate something like a cork board into each cubicle area. That will give each worker space for personal photographs and it will also be a good place to post important things like memos or reminders.