Want Shade In The Backyard Without The Construction Of An Overhand? The Best 2 Options

If you have a pool and you are looking for a way to get some shade pool side, but you don't want to add a permanent structure on the property like a pergola or roof overhang, there are some other options that you can look into. Having a shaded area where everyone can sit and relax and get out of the heat is a nice feature to have for your property. Here are a couple of the items that you will want to consider as you start to shop for the best choice.  

Retractable Awning

A retractable awning can be done with fabric, and it lays against the side of the house when it isn't in use. You prop it up over the patio area, or where you want it, during the day when the sun is out, and it can easily be removed at any time. This is an easy and affordable way to get a covered area for outside of the home, and you can look at the options through a local awning manufacturer.

There are more permanent metal options that you can consider if you are looking for a structure that attaches to the house, and that will provide shade for you all year round. This can serve as an overhang and can be a great area for outdoor dining or lounge furniture.

Triangle Tarp

A triangle tarp can be hooked at three points around your yard. You could use an area on the house, or even two areas on the house, a tree, a pole, or even the side of a pergola or overhang. It provides shade throughout the day in the areas where the sun is hitting, which can shift as the sun moves throughout the day.

This is an easy and affordable option as well. The locations of the corners of the triangle will be determined by where you can hook the tarp up, but you may want to measure the size you'll need before you order.

If you are looking for a way to get some covering and shelter behind your home and you don't want to pay for a building contractor to construct wooden overhang covering with roofing shingles and heavy wood posts, these different awning options are going to be the best choice for your property. Find a manufacturer, like FI Sign and Awning, and pick out the type of awning and the color that you want.