Three Ways To Make Your Business Sign Stand Out

Is your existing business sign looking a bit bland? Have customers stopped noticing the sign? You might not need to replace the sign completely, assuming it is still in decent condition. Here are four ways to make your sign stand out and attract more attention.

Retrofit it with lights

If your sign is not lit at night, you are missing the opportunity to draw in customers after dark. Even if your business is not open after dark, a well-lit sign will draw the attention of passersby and make them more likely to stop back the next day when you are open. The easiest approach is to have your sign retrofitted with LED lights. These lights use very little electricity, so you won't spend a fortune to have them on at all hours. Plus, their white, illuminating light really makes the colors in your sign pop. Your sign retrofitter can place strip LED lights around the border of your sign to illuminate the entire thing. 

Even if your sign is currently lit, consider replacing the old, yellow-tinted lights with white LEDs. The brighter color will make your sign harder to overlook, and you'll save on energy.

Relocate the sign

Is your sign in the most appropriate location? Maybe it is set so far back from the road that drivers have to strain to see it. Or maybe it is set at an angle that makes it hard to see when you're driving by. Relocating the sign may seem like a major endeavor because the sign is so heavy. However, many landscaping companies have the equipment needed to do such a task and should be able to help you out. Ideally, your sign should be perpendicular to the road so that customers can see it from both directions. Make sure it's about 20 - 40 feet back from the road for the clearest vision.

Re-paint the sign

Colors tend to fade over time. You may not even have realized your sign is fading since the process has happened gradually over time. Re-paint the sign with new, outdoor-approved acrylic paint. You can even use the same colors before. The new coat of paint will really stand out, especially when paired with new lights.

If your sign is very detailed and you don't want to attempt painting it yourself, talk to a sign maker in your area. Most do sign renewal work on the side.

For more information, contact a business such as Cardinal Sign Corporation.